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As an independent writer, this blog has become part of my life. It takes time to put find things and produce quality content that is good enough to post here. There are ads here, but to make sure that certain content can be posted, I have to make limited the ads. Some of you may also be using ad blockers, but I’m not here to shame you for that.

So, if you got value out of this blog or a post, here are a few ways you can donate.

Products & Services

Here are a few products I personally use. I’ll get some form of “kickback”. However, I do personally use these products.

The list is sadly short, but I will

Write! App – If you’re looking for the perfect distraction-free writing app, then Write! is something worth trying. A top-notch program that you can use to write whenever you need it. It has a lot of features, but my favorite features are the ability to call up the app with a short-key, folders so you can organize your writing, the focus mode, the ability to use markup and let’s not forget the clean interface that stays out of the way when you don’t need it. It has a cloud feature, which you can use to keep your writings in sync across different computers and you can publish to its own cloud server, WordPress (both versions) or Medium.

It’s official distraction-free app of thought.remixer. This app is my main go-to for 85% of my writings and if they ever release an Android app, it will become 100%! Oh and one more feature… it’s not subscription-based! So, purchase it once and use it for life!

One Time Donations

Tip me? Awww, you’re too kind!$nufuturepro – My Cash App. It’s my preferred account. You don’t have to sign up. Just type in the dollar donation, put in your debit card info and go. I’ll get the money immediately. – What’s ko-fi? It’s a public support page where I put up a goal and raise money towards that goal. Basically, like Pateron, but without the subscriptions. It’s a $3 tip, but if I get enough donations, I will change it up a bit to reduce it.

Last updated: May 30, 2018