A note from nukirk. about this page

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(or TL;DR)

Before we get into this, yes, this is a personal blog with a privacy policy. Why? I use third-party software and links and so on to help me develop this blog.

Thanks to new regulations, I am told to make sure you understand your rights.

Basically, by visiting this website, you’re giving up certain information about yourself. Don’t worry, all I’m doing is just tracking where you’re going, how long your staying there and that’s about it. I’m not literally looking over your shoulder and seeing EVERYTHING you’re doing, just stuff you’re doing on this site within the thoughtremixer.com domain.

Why do I need to track you? Because it helps w/ content development. I want you to come back often, so it helps to know why you’re coming here.

You can put block certain information and that’s fine. I’m not interested in you, just what you do.

Now, if you don’t like that, then you can enter another address and I will no longer track you.

One more thing: if you are using the “xtra.thoughtremixer.com”, plan on purchase/donating anything, click on an advertisement or watch any of the videos embedded, it will redirect you to a third party website that I use that will ask for more information than I am. They may share information with me, depending on the case. For example, if you’re shopping one of my original pieces, I need to know where it’s going. It’s only fair, right?

Oh, and the lawyers want me to tell you that while I am free to explain this to you in layman’s terms, it is in NO way substitute the legal lingo on the other page. The other thing I need to tell you is that if any of that changes, I will update the policy on that page.

So yeah, that’s pretty much about it.

Hope you don’t mind.