mission statement

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“Remixing the digital divide” is the objective here. But what does that means, exactly? Let’s break it down.

“Remixing” is usually used in music, which means to take the original recording and change it up to either enhance or change it up by adding, subtracting or mashing up elements that can improve the music, giving it new life.

“The digital divide” is where things get interesting. The Internet is referred to as “New Media” or “Social Media” in this current wave.  It helps us reshape our thinking, how we present & most definitely how we entertain ourselves.

However, mainstream media is still White culture dominated and “old media” Black Americans are still lagging behind, playing catch up with the new generation. it’s hard to tell what Young Black America + Old Black America is thinking.

My aim is to bridge that gap as I am a unique type of influencer: one that seems to reach a young audience while still have the respect of the older guard. Instead of trying to compete with old media Television, Newspapers and Radios and Black Organizations that still tries to beat an old system, I decided to take Social Media, blogging, and other Internet apps & technologies to make a statement.

I plan on showing how to use these tools to make a statement, wither it’s for the community or for yourself!

thought.remixer is currently in its 2nd incarnation, as the site became inactive as of March 2011. The brand was re-introduced on Tumblr and as of June 1st, 2018, lives on independently as a social hub for all of nukirk. communications.

I want to provoke thought, encourage a new type of movement, while making you laugh, dance or shake your head at me.

Hey, while everyone may feel a way about me, at least y’all feel something!