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Have a thought you want to share or some other matter you would like to discuss? Simply fill out the form below.

Subjects to choose from:

  • Personal / Shout Out / Penpal – Private emails.
  • ask.the.thought.remixer – emails that will be posted to the public to get answered. Please note that by selecting this option, you are giving me permission to post it publically with your first name, last initial or “code name” with a link to your website or social profile of choice.
  • Interview Request – I interview you or you interview me. This is also for media outreach. Artist banned from requesting interviews: Young Paris.
  • Ideas / Inspiration – Have something you want to pitch other than an interview request? I’m all ears. It can be anything as long as it’s related to the work I’m doing.
  • Business Inquiry – Have a partnership you think I’m ideal for? I’m flattered. Let’s talk.
  • Site Issues – I built this site and maintain it regularly. If something is missing or you’re getting a 404 error when you’re not supposed to, it’s best to let me know.
  • Copyright Issues – If I unwillingly violated your copyright, let’s talk and come up with an agreement. The most that will happen is I will take it down or we can come to an understanding of how I can use it.

If you’re trying to “other” the conversation, just pick the idea closest to it.

P.S. – because of my relationship with #BlackoutDay, you might be tempted to send an email here, please contact us via Otherwise, the response will be slower and we don’t want that.