Now what? Tumblr and I…

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I’m sorry, I’m lazy. But life isn’t really being cooperative with me artistically. Leave me alone.

Hi. So, long time no see.

Well, if you been following me on my Tumblr, you’ll know that I’ve been around. But I haven’t really been using this space to the best of my ability. But right now, I’m readjusting myself. If you are not fully aware of what’s going on, it can be summed up in a nice way: Tumblr is putting an adult ban on the site, causing people to leave in droves. The reason for the ban isn’t just because of the app being banned from the Apple Store, but for rebranding purposes. Sadly, a lot of people (including certain people in my network), is making it about porn being banned. 

I’ll keep it a buck with you, I didn’t expect Tumblr, where the majority of my audience, would do something as drastic as this so soon; giving people less than two weeks notice to pack up your adult content and move, but alas they did. I even predicted it back in October when someone asked about the ongoing “sexbots” problem. Tumblr’s issues are massive and I covered the three biggest problems in a recent post. The ironic part about all this is … I’m still tied to the platform in other ways. It’s been… a trying time for me to say the least.

So, with that being said… I’m still posting to Tumblr. However, I’m going to go full steam with my blog here. From now on, all my original posts will be here, with Tumblr being an “echo” station. I no longer will post my work/words as a Tumblr “exclusive”.

Don’t get me wrong. I still will contribute to Tumblr and the “xtra” channel will still have conversations and curated content. But my time will be more spent here, making and improving on my craft and exporting it to the world.

So… long story short… if you’re coming from Tumblr and want to see me in other spots, here’s where you can find me.

On twitter, I’m @nukirk as well as on Instagram. I’m on Facebook as well, if you want to follow me there.

I will be posting stuff up on YouTube in the near future and will be embedding them here. However, I don’t know on what channel I want to do it from, hence why no links yet.

On Tumblr, I’m still posting up as thoughtremixer and nukirk, and I’m working on making sure my little side projects are all it’s own domains. I’m closing up some of the Tumblr blogs as a way of “cleaning up shop”.

If you know me from #Blackout, then you know #BlackoutDay got their own channels. You can check out for those if you like. (I’m trying to keep this post short)

So, that’s it really. If it’s TL;DR – expect more on this blog, about the same output on Tumblr well into the future, and look for me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook while you’re at it.

See y’all next week.